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Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. Showroom is currently closed.
Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. Showroom is currently closed.

Presonus 48x48 Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface

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A versatile and professional interface. Quantum 4848 is a 24-bit, 192 kHz audio interface that uses the Thunderbolt bus. This is the registration solution for all professionals! Plus, a Studio One Professional license is included! The Quantum 4848 uses high quality converters that have a dynamic range of 120 dB. In addition, it has 32 I / O channels, line-level, on DB25. It's THE ultimate solution if you're looking for versatility! Indeed, you can connect all your synths, compressors and analog EQ directly in the beast, and thus benefit from the lowest latency on the market and a signal quality irreproachable. Importantly, the Quantum 4848 has two ADAT optical I / O to connect digital devices or extend your analog I / O by adding preamps, for example the DigiMax DP88 PreSonus. Note that any other preamp will also work if it has an ADAT output. Studio One, a powerful and intuitive software. The Quantum 4848 includes a license for Studio One Professional to provide you with a complete recording solution, from composition to mastering. As an example, the Pipeline plugin allows you to integrate all your external devices like compressors, equalizers in your session, so that your outboard equipment can be used as a plugin. For systems requiring more than 48 channels, be aware that you can stack up to 4 Quantum 4848 interfaces via the Thunderbolt to create a 192x192 system. In addition, the Quantum 4848 can be "stacked" with any other interface of the Quantum series. Like all PreSonus interfaces, it has the Studio Magic Plug-in suite which includes 7 plugins of market leaders. Quantum 4848 integrates into all audio systems. Some STANs limit your I / O number when using third-party audio interfaces. The Quantum 4848 solves this problem because it has 3 modes of use that allow you to adapt the interface to the limits set by STAN. Configure the Quantum 4848 to have 32 analog inputs and 16 ADAT channels; 24 analog inputs and 8 channels in ADAT or 16 analog i
  • Category: audio interface
  • Interfacing: Thunderbolt
  • Max resolution: 24-bits
  • Sampling frequency: 192.00
  • Number of entries: 48
  • Number of exits: 48
  • Ghost Power: No
  • Number of digital inputs: 2
  • Digital Input Type: Adat
  • Number of analog inputs: 32
  • Number of digital outputs: 2
  • Digital output type: Adat
  • Midi Interface: No
  • Wordclock: Yes
  • Compatibility: Mac, PC
  • Bundled Software: Studio One Professional
  • Format: rack
  • Dimensions (mm): 44 x 139.7 x 482.6
  • Weight (kg): 2,22