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Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. Showroom is currently closed.
Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. Showroom is currently closed.

Randall MTS Series RM100P2 100W Guitar Amp Head with Modules & 4X12 Matching Cabinet

by Randall
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Randall MTS Series RM100P2 100W Guitar Amp Head with Modules & 4X12 Matching Cabinet

The Randall MTS Series RM100P2 is both traditional and modern technology rolled into one guitar head. First, you have 3 independent modular channels that can be loaded with your choice and combination of the wide array of MTS tube preamp modules. Load each channel with a unique preamp tone that fits only your needs with the ability to expand your arsenal anytime a new tone is needed. Don't purchase an amplifier because you like only it's clean or high-gain tone. Build this amp with your clean, your rhythm, and your hi-gain tone for a complete custom set up. With more than a dozen tube preamps always available, chances are you'll have a hard time picking just three.

Change and bias your own power tubes. Enjoy the ease of replacing your power tubes anytime you like with the very user friendly power tube bias section found on each MTS amplifier. If a tube fails, no problem, the amp will kick that tube out of the circuit and a small LED will light by the tube that fails. Replace only the small protection fuse and tube using a small voltage meter and small screwdriver to adjust each individual bias point. If you like experimenting with different tube types, the bias section allows you to pop-in and bias a new set of tubes in just a few minutes.

MIDI channel switching and capability. Connect your RM100 to any MIDI capable external processing and program individual effects to each channel. With the MIDI in/thru jacks simply select your channel and external effect, using the included RF3 MIDI footswitch, press and hold the channel switch button on the head for 2 seconds and hit the store button of the processor to save the preset. The included footswitch will then select both the RM100 channel and effect you want at the same time.

The RM100P2 features a unique Palomino covering with tweed grille cloth, and comes preloaded with 3 modules! Blackace, Plexi, and XTC.

Blackface - (Based on the preamp circuit of a Fender® Blackface Twin™. Legendary clean tone with cutting mid-range and sparking highs. The standard for a wide-range of cleans.)

Plexi - (Based on the preamp circuit of a classic Marshall® Plexi. Anywhere from Page, to Angus, to Gibbons. The amp that defines 70's rock and punk tone. )

XTC - (Based on the preamp circuit of a Bogner® Ecstasy red channel. An all around great hi-gain tone with tight low end and cutting mid-range. It will cover any rock to metal tone. This one screams!)

The most flexible all tube-series of amps, preamps, and combos ever created. The swappable MTS modular preamp components allow you to customize your set-up for a sound that's all yours.

You choose the tone! With fourteen modules to choose from and more in the works, having a new amp is as simple as plugging in a new module. Start with as few as one, or as many as you like and have all your favorite tones right at your fingertips. All modules can be used for the RM4 preamp, RM combos and RM heads. All modules utilize the same panel layout, which includes Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble and Master controls.

A bright switch is included directly under each Bass control. Each preamp module houses two 12AX7 tubes which can be easily changed or replaced. Use the thumbscrew to remove or secure each module to the front panel of every MTS amplifier.

Don't model—MODULE with the MTS system!

  • 3 Modules — Blackface, Plexi, XTC
  • 100 Watts
  • 6L6 Power tubes on RM100S models
  • E34L JJ power tubes on RM100M models
  • MIDI in/thru
  • Master Volume, Presence, Density controls
  • Parallel loop w/front panel mix control
  • Series loop
  • Rear tube bias section
  • Slave out
  • 3-button MIDI footswitch included