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Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. Showroom is currently closed.
Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. Showroom is currently closed.


by Yamaha
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Advanced FIR-X Tuning

  • 96 kHz DSP processors help focus the power output of the DZR12 into high-resolution sound with super-low latency
  • Yamaha's Advanced FIR-X tuning improves significantly on their proprietary FIR-X tuning technology which utilizes linear phase FIR filters for the crossover network and correct EQ
  • Using FIR filters, Yamaha was able to realize very smooth frequency response for remarkable clarity and sound imaging without phase distortion
  • Accurate EQ filtering is also provided for pinpoint adjustment to realize ideal clarity and SPL without signal degradation
  • An onboard LCD screen allows users to easily navigate the variety of DSP functions, load presets, and make precise adjustments to PEQ, delay, and routing
  • Store up to 8 user presets to save your own parameter adjustments, or use the optimized dedicated factory presets for using DZR and DXS XLF Series in combination
  • Users can easily transfer saved settings to a USB flash drive


  • D-CONTOUR is an intelligent multi-band compressor that ensures your DZR's sound stays consistent and clear no matter how hard you drive them
  • By constantly monitoring the output of multiple frequency bands and applying the optimum EQ adjustments for each, even the highest output levels maintain outstanding clarity and musicality
  • D-CONTOUR provides settings for the FOH/Main and Monitor modes
    • FOH/Main: Boosts the lower frequencies to compensate for low end that is typically missing when speakers are used in suspended applications
    • Monitor: Optimized for floor monitoring application by taming down problematic low frequencies that can be enhanced by floor reflection, and smoothing a wide range of frequencies to help deliver clarity
  • Presets were created by performing countless listening tests with skilled sound engineers to ensure consistent sound with low distortion at any output level

DSP Protection

  • DSP protection functions for maximum output and component longevity
  • Active loudspeakers ensure the combination of transducers and amplifiers are matched and optimized for the best possible performance
  • During development, Yamaha measured and tested the durability of each transducer and the overall amplifier output to set optimal limiter points using precise DSP control
  • Employing many of the same protection functions used in high-end professional power amplifiers, Yamaha's DSP consistently monitors the status of the power supply, power amplifiers, transducers, and signal levels to protect each component in order to maintain optimum performance while extending component life and usability