Supro 1310 Harmonic Tremolo Pedal



Switch between different vintage amp effects.  The "Ampitude" mode gives the swampy tremolo from the original Supro amps.  "Harmonic" mode provides the psychedelic tones of Leo Fender's brownface and blonde amps from the early 60s.  Supro added Leo's unique harmonic tremolo effect in the pedal's transformer-equipped output stage to create an amp-like modulation experience. 

The Supro Tremolo has pre-amp and power amp sections with an output transformer to recreate the origninal vacuum tube effects in these vintage amps. The Supro features a gain circuit to overdrive the output stage where the modulation effects are made. The "gain" control adjusts the preamp gain in the pedal.  As the gain is turned up the power-amp curcuit is gradually pushed to overdrive. The Supro keeps a steady signal level as the gain is increased so this allows the gain control to change the texture of the modulation without too much audio output level.



  • Switchable AMPLITUDE or HARMONIC modes
  • Emulates a Class-A tube amp circuit from end to end
  • Achieves magnetic saturation via output transformer
  • Gain control with auto level compensation
  • Expression pedal control for SPEED
  • Accepts standard 2.1 mm neg. tip power supply
  • Runs on 9V battery (included)
  • Current draw under 30mA
  • Pedal size: 12 cm x 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm
  • Original circuit design by Thomas Elliott

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