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Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. In-store shopping by appointment only.

Blackstar DEBUT 50R 50 WATT 1X12 Combo Amplifier Cream

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An All-in-One Workhorse

Take plug-and-play convenience to the next level with the cream Debut 50R from Blackstar, a solid-state, 2-channel combo amplifier that provides an excellent all-analog alternative to entry-level digital modelling amps. Focusing on tone and versatility over unwanted features, this pedal-friendly guitar amp sports a powerful 50W power amp, with selectable power reduction down to 5W, making it equally comfortable on stage or at home during practice sessions and recordings.


Despite its seemingly simple design, the 50R features a range of vital functions for controlling the tone you put through its custom-designed 12" Blackstar speaker, including patented ISF tone control for going from American to British tone in an instant, built-in plate- and hall-style reverb effects, 3-band tone control, and two footswitchable channels, clean and overdrive, with gain control on the overdrive channel, and volume control on both. You also get plenty of connectivity options that modern guitarists will greatly appreciate, such as a series effects loop, 3.5mm line input for jamming to your favorite tunes, and an emulated speaker output that's perfect for silent practice, recording, or reamplification. This combo amp includes an AC power cord.

Solid-State Amp, Tube-Like Tone

The Debut 50R uses discrete analog MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) transistors for its circuitry, which provide similar tonal characteristics to valves (vacuum tubes), allowing it to respond like a tube amp. This is a big selling point over digital modelling amps in the same price range, as analog circuitry can get much closer to the tube tone often sought by guitarists than a DSP chip can.


Blackstar's Northampton-based design team have gone beyond the typical MOSFET implementation to deliver a preamp design that is natural sounding and virtually indistinguishable from the chosen tube references. Play with the ISF tone control and overdrive channels to see how crunchy and warm you can get your tone.

I/O for Any Occasion

With line inputs and outputs, the Debut 50R can handle numerous usage scenarios, from home studio recording and silent practice, to serious gigging and performances. 50W provides enough juice for small- to medium-sized gigs, and you can reduce power down to 5W with a single button press to avoid shaking the walls in your home and disturbing your neighbors.


A 3.5mm input can accept audio from most sources, allowing you to play along with your preferred tracks, and the emulated speaker output is a great option for recording or hearing the full character of your amp in headphones. Finally, the series effects loop is ideal for players who lean on their pedalboards, letting you plug your effects into the preamp, shape your tone, and then send the result back after distortion, allowing the power amp to drive the final result. This helps to avoid the muddy tone that often comes from running effects, such as delays and modulation, before distortion.

Keep It Under Control

The Debut 50R delivers impressive control options for a combo amp in its price range. You get two channels, which can be switched from either the amp panel or a footswitch, each with dedicated volume control as well as gain control on the overdrive channel. The clean channel button also doubles as a bright switch when the overdrive is selected, providing more sparkling highs.


3-band tone control lets you adjust the lows, mids, and highs for easy tone sculpting, and the master volume knob makes it simple to dial in overall loudness. And of course, like most Blackstar amps, there is an ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control knob that lets you dramatically alter the response of your amp to fit that of your preferred style. This shifts the whole tonestack response to match everything from an American (counterclockwise) to a British (clockwise) amp character, and is fully reactive with the 3-band EQ, providing an intuitive and flexible method of tone selection that packs the sound of numerous amps into one.