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Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. In-store shopping by appointment only.


by Yamaha

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The all in one Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 Digital Percussion Pad is a compact design that meets the need of all levels of players. With 12 stepped pads, this compact device can be used for music composition and recording, to form a compact drum kit, or to be incorporated with acoustic drums to accent different sounds.Sounds and Effects The library of percussion sounds collected by Yamaha' advanced sampling technique total to 1277 voices on the DTX-Multi 12. From DJ sounds to chromatic to folk, any imaginable percussive sound is available. If anything is left desired, you can import WAV and AIFF audio files via the USB port. Manipulate your chosen sounds with delays, phasers, pitch shifts, and flangers. Add reverb or use compression or EQ. There is even a five-band Master EQ that provides even further effect capabilities.Pads and Play Modes Each pad on the Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 can be assigned up to 4 voices. Choose whether to trigger these voices using Stack mode or Alternate mode. In Stack mode, all of the voices are triggered by one simultaneous strike whereas in Alternate mode the individual notes are played consecutively. Make your pads more or less sensitive by altering the play modes. In Stick Mode, the pads have the low velocity sensitivity ideal for playing with a drumstick. Hand Mode or Finger Mode can be used to play without sticks. There is even a Muting Feature which allows for drum mutes, skin bands, and other feel-based adjustments. Expansion Beyond the 12 pads, there is the ability to add 5 external pads for a compact drum set. There is also an input for a foot switch to use a kickpad and a hi-hat controller. Foot triggers can also be used to manipulate volume or effects.Patterns The Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 includes 128 MIDI patterns ranging from house music to classic rock. With this device, it is easy to record your own music as patterns or create patterns on the computer that can then be assigned to the pads. Tap Tempo can be used to set tempo for patterns and click track and is used just by striking the pads.Music Production and Recording This system is designed to connect with a computer via a USB port. This technology helps people who are less adept at MIDI to still use its features. Cubase AI S by Steinberg is a DAW software application that accompanies the DTX-Multi 12. This software greatly improves the ease of music composition with this device. The Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 Digital Percussion Pad has everything you want and more for recording, composition, and playing a wide variety of music.

  • The DTX-Multi 12 features make it flexible enough for multiple applications:
  • Create a compact electronic drum kit for portable playability with the addition of a kick drum pad and hi-hat pedal (sold separately)
  • Easily add electronics to an acoustic drum set
  • Complement hand drums with a full palette of percussion sounds
  • Use as a MIDI controller for any MIDI enabled device such as a hardware sampler or a synthesizer
  • Integrate electronic drums and percussion into a digital audio workstation such as the included Cubase AI5
  • USB in/out for transferring both MIDI and WAV data to and from a computer or digital memory source
  • 1,277 individual voices, many from Yamaha's MOTIF-series synthesizers but also a rich variety of other sounds and instruments such as timpani, marimba, vibraphone, and other chromatic percussion instruments
  • Flash ROM supports WAV and AIFF files imported via USB
  • A wide variety of classic effects including delay, flanger, tremolo, phaser, reverb, chorus, EQ, and more
  • Variable pad sensitivity is defined in three modes:
  • Stick Mode: This mode works best when playing with drumsticks and has the least sensitivity
  • Hand Mode: This further articulates the nuances of playing a hand drum
  • Finger Mode: This mode gives the pads the highest sensitivity and allows for extremely subtle technique
  • Muting Feature enables sounds to be muted or changed when a hand is pressed down on a pad as it is struck, allowing for skin bends, mutes and other feel-based modulations
  • Each pad can have up to four voices assigned to it and then triggered all at once in Stack Mode, triggered one-after-another each time the pad is struck in Alternate Mode, held until the pad is hit again in Hold Mode, or you can set the pads to trigger different assigned voices based on how hard the pad is struck
  • 128 preset patterns in a wide variety of musical styles
  • 50 user-defined patterns that can be created by performing on the device or by composing on a computer
  • Innovative Tap Tempo sets tempo for patterns or Click Track by simply striking the pads
  • Jacks for five external pads in addition to an input for a hi-hat controller and a footswitch
  • Bundled with Cubase AI5
  • Includes power adapter, owner's manual, data list booklet, and DVD-ROM for Cubase AI5

DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad

  • Dimensions: 3.8" x 13.6" x 12.6"
    Weight: 7.27 lb. | 3.3kg
    Built-in pads: 12
    External inputs: 5 (One 3-zone input, 4 monaural inputs)
    Maximum polyphony: 64 notes
    Wave memory: 100 MB (16-bit linear conversion)
    Drum and percussion voices: 1,061
    Keyboard voices: 216
    Preset drum kits: 50
    User-defined kits: 200
    Effects: 42 types of Variation; 6 types of Chorus; 6 types of Reverb; 5-band master equalizer
    Pad functions: Increment or decrement of drum kit, pattern, or tempo; tap tempo; switching on or off of click-track; transmission of control change messages

    Readable quantity: 500
    Bit depth: 16 bit
    Wave memory: 64 MB
    Maximum size: Mono sample: 2 MB
    Stereo sample: 4 MB
    Sample formats: Proprietary, WAV, and AIFF
    Sequence capacity: 152,000 notes
    Note resolution: Quarter note / 480
    Recording method: Realtime overdubbing
    Preset patterns: 128 phrases (including 3 demo patterns)
    User-defined patterns: 50 phrases
    Sequence formats: Proprietary
    SMF Format 0 (for loading only)

    Click-track features:
    Tempo: 30 to 300 BPM. Tap tempo functionality
    Beats: 1/4 - 16/4, 1/8 - 16/8, 1/16 - 16/16
    Note timing: Accent notes, quarter notes, eight notes, sixteenth notes, triplets
    Connectors: Pad 13 jack (standard stereo-phone plug; left = trigger, right = rim switch);
    Pad 14/15 and Pad 16/17 jacks (standard stereo-phone plug; left = trigger, right = trigger)
    Hi-hat control jack (standard stereo-phone plug)
    Foot switch jack (standard stereo-phone plug)
    Output L/Mono and R jacks (standard phone plugs)
    Phones jack (standard stereo-phone plug)
    Aux-in jack (standard stereo-phone plug)
    MIDI IN and OUT connectors
    USB to host port
    USB to device port and DC in.

    Display: Backlit LCD with 2 rows of 16 characters
    Power Consumption: 9W (DTXM12 and PA-5D adaptor)

    Minimum system requirements for Cubase AI5:
    Mac OS X 10.5.5
    PowerPC G5 (Intel Core Duo CPU recommended)
    1024 MB RAM
    Display resolution of 1280 x 800 recommended
    DVD-ROM drive
    1 GB of free HD space
    Internet access required for license activation

    Windows XP Home Edition (SP3) and XP Professional (SP3), Windows Vista (32-bit)
    2 GHz CPU (dual core CPU recommended)
    1024 MB RAM
    Display resolution of 1280 x 800 recommended
    DVD-ROM drive
    1 GB of free HD space
    Internet access required for license activation