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Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. In-store shopping by appointment only.
Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. In-store shopping by appointment only.

Markbass 1x12 300 Watt Bass Combo Amplifier MINI-CMD121P-IV


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Our flagship combo Mini CMD 121P has changed the bass amp market forever. Never have bassists been able to get such great tone and volume from such a light and portable amp. This new version with Little Mark IV Combo head features the new bi-band limiter, a MUTE switch and the 3-way switch that includes the options of Flat, Scooped or FSW. As for previous version it can be easily upgraded to a powerful 2x12" 500W rig with the addition of a New York 121 cabinet.
  • Unparalled power/weight ratio after years from its initial release in the 2005, this combo continues to lead the pack when it comes to big sound from a small package. The sound that comes from this amp simply does not match what you see when you look at such a small cube.
  • Updated 4 band eq, old school filter, 3 way switch our updated 4 band eq section features very effective controls allowing you to easily find the sound you want, boosting or cutting up to 16db for each of the 4 bands to cover all the tonal nuances needed in any genre of music. Additionally the old school filter cuts your high frequencies and gives a round and smooth tone. The 3 way rotary-switch allows you to choose between a super-balanced flat tone, a scooped preset that drops the mids while boosting the lows and highs - giving a superb slap sound, or lastly the 'fsw' option to control both mute and the scooped eq on demand by connecting an optional dual footswitch.
  • Bi-band limiter our new bi-band limiter responds faster and more dynamically to your playing than traditional limiters do and lets your high end "Breathe" for a more natural sound. It makes our amp heads the best choice for anyone who enjoys a quick, punchy attack at high volumes.
  • Powerful stack with new york 121 extension cabinet if you add the new york 121 to the mini cmd 121p combo, you’ll have a 500w 2x12” stack able to fill a large venue with headroom to spare.
  • Takes up very little room on stage even when stacked on a new york 121 cabinet (which has the same dimensions), this combo creates a footprint on stage of only 15” x 14”. You'll never have a problem fitting this rig on even the smallest of stages!