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Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. In-store shopping by appointment only.
Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. In-store shopping by appointment only.

Marshall 20 Watt JTM Studio Valve Amp Head Made in the UK ST20H


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Inspired by the first JTM that captured the sound of the 60s, the Studio JTM
recreates the vintage tones that so many know and love. An unmistakable sound that
is recognised all over the world, the Studio JTM is a loving homage to the amp that
responded to the rock’n’roll revolution. From its legendary warm and smooth tone to
blending the voices for a combination of crunch and clean, the Studio JTM brings the
outstanding sound that Marshall is so well known for.

The smaller scale of the Studio JTM gives players the power of the authentic
Marshall tone, in a more compact design. Handmade in the UK just like the original
from the 60’s, the Studio JTM is significantly smaller and lighter than its 30W
counterpart, making travelling and gigging a breeze.

The Studio JTM has built-in power reduction technology, enabling players to
switch between 20W and 5W. Any guitarist in any environment can achieve the
defining sound of the JTM, whether that’s at home or on stage. The iconic Marshall
sound you know and love in a much smaller unit built in the UK just like the original
30W counterpart. Whether you’re at home, the studio, or the big stage – the Studio
JTM can adapt to bring exceptional tone to any situation.

Handmade in the Marshall UK factory, the Studio JTM is built with the same
expert craftsmanship, in the same factory, that has been manufacturing amps since
the late 60’s. Faithfully assembled, the Studio JTM features finger-jointed cabinets,
hand-welded chassis, hand-soldered potentiometers and valve bases, and the
highest quality componentry. Adorned with period-correct aesthetics from the same
distinctively solid metal, red enamel poured “coffin” logo to its fawn fret complete with
gold piping and beading, the Studio JTM beautifully nods to the 60s.

Much like the original 30W JTM’s before it, the Studio JTM comes with the
ability to blend voices with a patch cable. This gives players a unique blend of
heavier tones and bright treble. To access both voices simultaneously a short jumper
cable can be run between the two voice inputs.

A new era for JTM. The new Studio JTM comes with updated capabilities for
players to take advantage of, such as an FX loop. This allows external effects, such
as reverb and delay, to be placed in the ideal position in the signal chain after any
added distortion. The Studio JTM also has a new DI output feature, providing players
the ease of directly to a recording device or PA system.