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Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. In-store shopping by appointment only.
Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. In-store shopping by appointment only.

JOYO BanTamp METEOR-AMP British Hi-Gain

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JOYO BanTamP Meteor Tube Amp 20 watt   (in stock)

Wall of Sound

The immense wall of sound that is coming out of the little METEOR is unbelievable. This is the type of sound that we know from the huge 150 Watt tube heads, but you would never expect a small and portable amplifier to sound so huge and aggressive.
Your chords will chug and punch. Your solos will cut through the mix.
The METEOR also works great at lesser gain settings and lets you use your favorite overdrives to push it into higher gain with their own unique flavors.
Once you start working with this amp, you will soon forget its size and very affordable price. It will feel as if you are playing through a much bigger head and your friends just won’t believe where your sound is really coming from.

       2 Channels                Bluetooth           Headphone Out          FX Loop               8 Ohm Out

Tube Distortion

The amp operates with a single 12AX7 tube in the preamp

and uses a solid state power amp.
The FX loop enables you to put your time based effects

(or Phasers, Flangers and Choruses) behind the drive section

and keep the effects sharp and not prevent them from being too

muddy. Because of the High Gain structure of this amp, a noise

gate, like our “Gate of Kahn“ is a good idea to make your heavy

chords nice and tight.
The amp also has a CLEAN channel that can take pedals really

well, which makes it flexible and a great little companion for

many situation where your „big“ head is just not sensible.

Wireless Fun

The amp has a speaker out rated at 8Ω. (It can also be operated at 16Ω)

Careful, the amp is small, but loud… its 20 Watts can be quite a handful.

If you want to practice quietly, use the built in headphone out with speaker emulation.
The icing not the cake is the BLUETOOTH connectivity. Easily connect with your

BLUETOOTH enabled device and play music through the BantamP.

This is great to practice with play-along or to learn songs.


1 x 12AX7 Preamp tube

Bluetooth Playback Function


CLEAN/OD Dual Channel

Rated power:20W

Speaker impedance:8Ω


There are 6 BanTamP models in this series.

The BantamP series amps consist of very small amps that are tuned to fit a specific sound. The ZOMBIE goes for a thick American metal sound.
This amp sounds very nice clean and takes pedals extremely well. When the high gain drive channel is engaged you can further push it with pedals to alter the frequency response.
The FX loop allows you to use your effects post distortion so they sound nice and defined.
The amp also has BLUETOOTH and you can easily run your music or play-alongs through it.
The headphone out has a speaker simulation so that you can practice at home without disturbing anyone.

The amp has a tube in the pre-amp section. The power amp is solid state.