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Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. In-store shopping by appointment only.

Studiologic NUMA-COMPACT2 88 key semi-weighted compact controller with 1 GB of Piano sounds and effects


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A Complete Re-think of the Stage Piano

Are you a keyboardist who wants it all? We're talking about the Numa Compact 2 from Studiologic. The Numa boasts 88 semi-weighted keys, aftertouch, 1GB of killer sounds, 128 voices, two studio-grade FX engines, smart MIDI controller functionality, crisp OLED display, and built-in speakers — all in a svelte stage piano that weighs just a tad over 15 pounds. Revel in the tone of the Numa Compact 2's outstanding sounds — acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, bass, drum kits, organs, synths, orchestral instruments, and more. Use aftertouch and the programmable stick controllers to perform with enhanced expression. And when the gig is over, tuck the elegant Studiologic Numa Compact 2 under your arm and split.

Feels great no matter what you're playing

It's about time someone did a complete re-think of the stage piano — a workhorse instrument keyboardists rely on to deploy production-ready sounds, interface with DAWs in the studio, and hopefully provide a modicum of portability for nightly onstage use. A full-size 88-note keybed is the gold standard for note accessibility, but not everyone needs fully weighted action. If you work extensively with orchestral sample collections, or play a lot of synth parts, you'll appreciate a keyboard with semi-weighted action that works well for piano parts, but also provides optimal playability for virtually every other type of instrument. That's the Numa Compact 2. Studiologic nailed it. It feels great no matter what you're playing.

Sound quality and MIDI controller functionality

The Numa Compact 2's 88 onboard sounds and dual digital effects engines deliver outstanding sound quality, whether you're listening straight into the board, via the TRS headphone jack, or through the Class D-amplified speakers. The built-in speakers let the Numa Compact 2 double as home digital piano, and are perfect for hotel room jams and practice while on the road. Factor in the trim, lightweight — yet roadworthy — chassis, and you've got the ultimate stage piano. And what would a modern stage piano be without extensive MIDI control capabilities? With two programmable zones, the Numa Compact 2 lets you easily split and layer sounds. Give Studiologic's innovative, ergonomic metal stick controllers a workout, and you'll agree with the keyboard mavens here at Sweetwater that they're not just a novel replacement for the erstwhile pitchbend and mod wheels; they actually open up new avenues of performance expression. Throw in aftertouch and an expression pedal input, and you've got an instrument designed to faithfully communicate your finest shadings of musical intent.

Studiologic Numa Compact 2 Features:

  • Maximum polyphony: 128 voices
  • Outstanding TrS (True Sound) Stereo multi-samples
  • 88 onboard sounds: 8 acoustic pianos, 8 electric pianos, 8 keyboards, 12 bass and guitars, 12 organs, 12 synthesizers, 12 orchestral, 16 other sounds
  • Use up to 6 FX concurrently: 2 on Lower, 2 on Upper, Reverb, and Strings Resonance
  • FX1: Drive, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger
  • FX2: Rotary, Tremolo, Pan Trem, Delay
  • Reverb: Room, Hall, Plate, Spring
  • Strings Resonance with level control on all Piano sounds
  • 99 User programs
  • 1GB sample memory
  • 2 Parts: Lower and Upper
  • 4 sections: 2 sounds in Layer or Split modes
  • 2 MIDI zones in Layer or Split modes
  • Global Edit (8 parameters), Program Edit (4 parameters), Part Edit (13 parameters), Mixer (Lower/Upper/Zone A/Zone B volume control)
  • Master controls: Bass, Treble, Mastering, Volume
  • 2 Programmable MIDI zones: A/B
  • Program Change, Bank Select (LSB, MSB), MIDI Channel, Volume, Split assign, Transpose, Octave
  • Pedals 1/2 assign, Sticks 1-2 assign
  • Speaker system with 10W + 10W built-in Class D amplifier
  • 2 full-range elliptical speakers
  • Crisp 128 x 64-dot OLED display
  • Encoder with push function
  • 7 potentiometers, 20 buttons
  • Stick 1: Pitch
  • Stick 2: Mod, FX control
  • Audio OUT: L and R 1/4" TS jacks
  • Headphones: 1/4" TRS jack (programmable as Aux out)
  • Pedals: Expression, Universal
  • MIDI: In, Out
  • USB: USB-to-host, MIDI, USB bus powerable (without speakers)
  • Includes 12V power adapter