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Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. Showroom is currently closed.
Curbside is available Mon. to Fri., 10am-4pm. Showroom is currently closed.

Pearl P-3000C Demon Chain Single Pedal

by Pearl
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Demon Action in a Chain-drive Pedal

The precision engineering, the effortless response, and the fine-tuned blend of finesse and power that the Pearl P-3000C Demon Chain pedal delivers all serve to connect you to your bass drum in a way that lets you perform your best. Pearl's Perfect Circle Cam and a set of Ninja skateboard bearings make the P-3000C's action blissfully smooth, while the ultra-light dual chain allows each stroke of your foot to pack a serious wallop. What's more, adjusting every critical aspect of the P-3000C Demon Chain - from changing the beater angle and footboard height to converting between short-board and long-board configurations - is fast and easy.

Pearl P-3000C Demon Chain Pedal at a Glance:

  • Demon series precision meets chain-drive power
  • Linear cam action with Ninja bearing smoothness
  • Tweak your action just the way you like it

Demon series precision meets chain-drive power

Since 2009, Pearl's P-3000D Demon Drive has been one of the top direct-drive kick pedals to come through Sweetwater. The P-3000C Demon Chain brings many of the same innovations to drummers who prefer the added impact of a chain-drive system. We're not talking about your typical kick pedal chain, either. The P-3000C's ultra-lightweight Power Chain double chain features low-friction rollers. Combined with a precision-machined drive assembly that reduces play and increases impact, this chain-drive system delivers incredibly smooth action along with the punch and power you demand.

Linear cam action with Ninja bearing smoothness

One of the technologies that makes the P-3000C Demon Chain bass drum pedal such a success is Pearl's Perfect Circle Cam, whose minimal mass provides incredible power and speed. Speaking of speed, while the cam itself may have been inspired by racing mechanics, the Ninja bearings in the P-3000C come straight from the world of competitive skating. Loaded with ultra-low-friction, micro-polished balls, these bearings offer exceptional speed and hold up spectacularly well over a lifetime of hard use.

Tweak your action just the way you like it

A good bass drum pedal can go a long way to make playing comfortable, and Pearl totally knocked it out of the park with the P-3000C Demon Chain. For starters, you can adjust the cam itself to independently set the footboard and the beater angle to perfectly define your stroke. You can even adjust the beater stroke, choosing from a closer position for added finesse or a farther-back position for added power. Whether you prefer a traditional short-board feel or the faster response of a long-board setup, the P-3000C pedal's Duo-Deck Foot Board design delivers. In fact, you can convert the footboard and make many other fine-tuning adjustments in seconds, making it easy to find the perfect setup for your playing style.

Pearl P-3000C Demon Chain Pedal Features:

  • A wonderfully responsive chain-drive bass drum pedal with Demon Drive technology
  • Ultra-lightweight dual Power Chain provides classic chain power with extremely fast response
  • Full Circle Cam and Ninja skateboard bearings deliver smooth action and phenomenal speed
  • Duo-Deck footboard easily reconfigures between short-board and long-board setups
  • Adjustable cam and Beater Stroke Adjustment feature let you fine tune your action